Democratic Republic of the Congo visit and groups

Evangelist Evans Ochieng has just returned from his first trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Here is something from CCOG’s Letter to the Brethren: January 26, 2023:

Trip to Congo

Evangelist Evans Ochieng sent the following on Tuesday after he returned to Kenya from visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo:

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Kenya.
I’ve reached home safely.
I want to emphasize a little about the Church in Congo. I really appreciate the brethren in Congo. Those people are serious people …. Those are the people who wanted to know more about every step in the church. They accepted that they were deceived by the protestants churches and the seventh day church of God who were after many people but didn’t want to preach all the Truth and put them into the light. So when they receive the plans of God and how can the church be moving forward. They were really taking their time to listen. Not only listen but they were behaving like the Bereans. After we completed the discussion is when they go and sit a side themselves to study and to confirm everything we taught if they are true or not. When they came back the next day, they come when they are excellent.  So when we started another topic they make sure that they get it well. So we have a very Smart people in Congo. Even now they have started to process registration.
What happened to me at the airport I feel that it’s the work of Satan to spoil my heart not to go back to Congo.  But he is defeated. Satan wanted to block My ways and suffer in Congo.  But God protected me till I reached home safe.
Another thing, I told you that those people most of them wanted baptism but since that was my first time to preach to them, it wasn’t good to do the baptism just there before they study well. But the faith was good. So we can plan how they can be baptized before Passover.
Also Moise wanted me to go and teach of things I taught there in Rwanda. So I will see if I can go to Rwanda before I go to Ethiopia. Or if I can go to Ethiopia first.
As far as baptism goes I want to study it first all that you sent to me and after that I’ll let you know.

Evans Ochieng was with Moise Nshimiyimana from Rwanda (many with ties to Rwanda live in the Congo) when he was in the Congo.

As far as the airport incident, basically he had to pay more money to leave the country than he thought he should have as he felt that some officials were abusing their positions. That said, some countries do have an exit fee you have to pay (the first time my family and I encountered that was in Guatemala several years ago).

Here is a photo of some who Evans Ochieng met with last Sabbath:

Anyway, Evans Ochieng was highly impressed with the zeal of those in the Congo. We have, as his email shows, began the process of officially registering the Continuing Church of God in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We currently have two congregations in the Congo, with about 50 people in total.

Now, as it turns out, some in the Congo have been studying CCOG literature since 2018. Here is Evans Ochieng’s report of his first meeting there, which was last Thursday:

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Congo.
Since morning I was totally busy till this time. I met many brethren with a lot questions which were to be answered. Most of questions were coming from people who came out of SDA. This people wanted to know more about the coming kingdom of God. And where the millennial rule will be. Is it on earth or in heaven. In the same question, the wanted to know the difference between the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of heaven. Another  question was about Daniel 8:14 which the SDA believe as the longest prophecy in the bible. which is a total lie taught by SDA.  So I was to explain Daniel 8:14 clearly and disconnect it from Daniel 9:25-28. Because they are misinterpreted this two chapters.
After that, they asked the reason why we consider CCOG to be the true church and why not SDA and other denominations. Again they wanted thorough explanations about revelation 13 and revelation 13verse 11. Because they believe that revelation 13 is papacy and revelation 13 verse 11 is America. So I was to explain clearly that revelation 13 is all about Roman empire and verse 11 is All about papacy not America.
Another question was about Daniel 12:11-12, 1290 days and 1335 days so I was to explain this also.
Another big question was why we are not protestants and what’s the difference between church of God and the protestants. Another question was about the millennial rule of Christ. And is 100 years is in 1000 years or  added to 1000 years. I was to explain this. Another question was about three days and Three nights. The resurrection of Jesus Christ and crucification. Another question was about salvation.  What’s salvation? I was to explain this. After that there was question about where is Enoka and Elijah. Another question was about the calendar. So pastor I was to explain all this. It was lucky that I was once a SDA member and I tought All this falls doctrine and this imaginations of Ellen G white when I was there. Therefore it wasn’t a problem for me to explain all this questions.
I was to explain that church of God is not one of the protestants.
Tomorrow we shall talk about the ordained feast of God and pagan holidays. Offerings and tithes. Repentance and reconciliation.
After the meeting I remained with Ezekiel and moise.
Ezekiel has been studying our books from website for almost 4 years from 2018 till today.  They are 20 people who have been studying our books and magazines. So they have been keeping Sabbath in their houses because since they don’t have church certificate, they are afraid of government because the church has not been registered in Congo. And for the church to be registered in Congo, they need a letter from you that can confirm to this government that the church allows them to use the name of the church in Congo. Another one is that, you must write a letter to confirm that Ezekiel is a member of continuing church of God and can stand for the church in those two letters you must write. Lastly the church must be registered in Congo for their safety. We have 22 members who are keeping Sabbath with Ezekiel and have been studying together with Ezekiel. Again there are other members who want join CCOG because they have confirmed that the teachings of CCOG are true and biblical. Especially today they believe that continuing church of God is the only true church of God. They continue to say that CCOG is following bible correctly.
So pastor we should help these people to register church here in Congo. …

Anyway, yes we have two groups and are in the process of registering the CCOG in this nation.

Our local contact is Nshuti Rumazi Ezechiel. Phone number +243973225659

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