Evangelist Evans Ochieng visits Malawi and also sees leaders from Mozambique

Evangelist Evans Ochieng went to Malawi to meet with church leaders from there as well as neighboring Mozambique. This was the first trip we have sent anyone to Malawi since the COVID restrictions went in place throughout Africa.

There were issues we felt needed to be addressed.

Evans Ochieng, Radson Mulozowa, John Machemba, Jasten James Mpinji, Likuva Luis

Here is a slightly edited version of what he sent November 15, 2020:

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Malawi.
I arrived Malawi safe. The trip was fine except the flight could not manage to reach Blantyre due to covid 19 cases. So we landed in Lilongwe.  And from Lilongwe to Migowi is a long trip by road. We arrived Migowi at midnight and I was very tired. But the trip was fine.
On Friday I had a meeting with all leaders from Malawi and Mozambique which lasted for 8 hours. …
Yesterday I kept Sabbath in Migowi with all leaders from Malawi and Mozambique. I gave some mattresses to some poor widow brethren and today I’m going to give six congregations money to start chicken projects. Five are from Mozambique and one from Chiringa Malawi. I’m also going to supervise {check the progress of} all the projects in Malawi right now. I will let you know what’s going on in the projects.

Evangelist Ochieng sent the following, slightly edited, on November 16, 2020:

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Malawi and Mozambique. With a short time I’ve been staying in Malawi and Mozambique, we have done a lot of things. I managed to start the processing of the church registration in Mozambique after when XXXXX failed to do it. …. So I took another step of pointing mpinji to be a new representative in Mozambique to go and do the registration. Mpinji is having national identity of Mozambique while XXXXX did not have.  Mpinji is a trusted man and he is going to do a good job according to the statement given by our brethren from Mozambique.  Again I started new projects of chicken to six congregations. 4 congregations from Mozambique.  These are Nasiyaya, muguliwa, Domasi, Nagaga. And in Malawi I gave 2 congregations. These are Chiringa and Mwanza. Domasi is lead by Edison mkwate with 39 people.  Nagaga is lead by James Rabson with 32 brethren. Nasiyaya is lead by Laston Musoda with 65 brethren.  Muguliwa is lead by Manuel Fasani with 35 brethren.
And in Malawi, Chiringa is  lead by John ukulele with 18 brethren. Mwanza is lead by  John Machemba with 122 brethren.
I also appointed John Machemba and Likuva Luis to help Molozwa looking the projects and irrigation and the work in Malawi.
The meeting was successful and bears more fruits that brought total peace in Malawi and Mozambique. After that  I met {a former CCOG leader} with his family.
Yesterday I went around to supervise the old chicken projects in Malawi and found that they are not doing very well because of poor management. So I advised them on what to do so that they can have  a good result.
I also talked with those who are writing falsely letters  to accuse brethren that it is not good behaviour, so they should stop doing such things. In my findings of the leadership in Malawi,  Radson Mulozwa Radson is not leading another church apart from CCOG as per their writing. It was a false statement.
The total members in Malawi are 804 and Mozambique are 281. I will come back soon to confirm the projects in Malawi and Mozambique and registration. I told them to work hard on the projects and irrigation so that they can get what can improve their standard of living. I will make sure that the projects in Malawi and Mozambique are well maintained.
The hall in Malawi needs 25 bags of cement to be completed. I expect to come back soon to Malawi and Mozambique.

Anyway, as far as the chicken projects go, we are trying to assist people in Kenya, Malawi, and Mozambique be able to raise more of their own food and to provide the ability of some to improve their income. We started a few projects earlier this year, but wanted to wait several months to see how it went before starting others.

Additionally, while in Malawi, Evans Ochieng also brought more CCOG literature.

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