Visit to Malawi Congregations

Terry Nelson, his sons, and Evangelist Evans Ochieng have been visiting congregations in Kenya and Malawi.

Evans Ochineg sent the following emails last Saturday evening:

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Kenya.
I’m happy to inform you that the visitation in Kenya was wonderful.
Spiritual inspiration.  Terry Nelson has done a perfect work in Kenya. It is good for him to have another trip in Kenya. People were very happy and I’m getting many calls from every congregation telling me to bring Terry back to Kenya during the Feast of Tabernacles.  I hope he will explain more about Kenya. He traveled almost all over Kenya. He was loved by all brethren in Kenya. May GOD give him more strength and courage to do a lot.  The journey was perfect and now we are back to Nairobi to prepare for our trips to Malawi tomorrow. Pray for the journey and the work. Without GOD this work can’t move and since this is the end time CHURCH and it’s massage. GOD is protecting his church and open the doors for the massage of the gospel of the kingdom of God to reach the poor and the rich, small and strong, the foolish and the wise. Pray for the work in Africa.

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Kenya.
We will go to Malawi and Mozambique tomorrow for one week and back in Kenya on 1st March. I have finished all the funds that I had. I’m asking you to put for me funds in my account before 1st March. I want to print some magazines when I reach in Nairobi on 1st before before  I go home. Also we shall have committee meeting on 8 March for all congregations in Kenya.
Also I want to inform you that send me the book entitled WHY CONTINUING IS DIFFERENT FROM PROTESTANTS. I want to print it more to fit people.

While it is NOT time to print more of the draft book, Hope of Salvation: How the Continuing Church of God differs from most Protestants, the reason that we rushed and printed a few draft copies was that I felt that people in Africa needed it. When we get the final version ready, we plan to send that to print in Nairobi, hopefully by the end of the year.

Last week, we mentioned that Nyakach was probably the poorest congregation we have in Kenya. Bradox Ochieng sent the following photo showing some of the food we provided a few days ago:

Nyakach, Kenya

Here is a photo in Kenya at a stop on the way to Malawi:

Asher and Andre Nelson in front of zebras in Kenya

Deacon Radson Mulozowa sent in the following report on Sunday:

Greetings from Lilongwe Malawi. Thanks for the funds you sent. Let me report that Terry Nelson and the sons together with Evans has arrived at 4pm. Because they were tired I had to book accommodation in Lilongwe … as they wanted a hotel with Wi-Fi.

Tomorrow morning we will continue our trip to Mwanza.

Evangelist Evans Ochieng sent the following report on Tuesday:

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Malawi.
We arrived Malawi safe. We had a wonderful meeting in Mwanza yesterday. Terry touched more about the differences between Continuing Church of God and Protestants. We will visit another congregation tomorrow called Jenjeti.
I have noticed many good fruits.

Today, Pastor Tiongok Sawek sent the following report and photographs:


Hello and receive greetings in Christ Jesus. our journey to Njoro-Naswet went on very well. were received by the Pastor William Kirui and elder David Cheruiyot together with church leaders of Molo.

The meeting was blessed as we had several visitors and brethren who turn up for the meeting. The visitors were welcomed by the Evangelist Ochieng, thereafter Terry Nelson had a chance to preach over the congregation. Indeed the brethrens felt happy and blessed. Thereafter after i was given opportunity to say thanks and the visitors later leave to Nairobi.
In addition, members from Rongai were requesting for our visit and other regions who never had opportunity to encounter/meet with the visitors.
Lastly, members from Kitale have welcome us for a church opening ceremony before the passover begins.
Attach with this are few photos we managed to take in Njoro and Molo.
May God bless you.
Pastor Sawek

On Wednesday, Terry Nelson sent the following email:

Hi Dr Thiel; everything is going good here; I couldn’t email you sooner as we didn’t have internet: we arrived in Malawi on Sunday as planned; … Kenya has great potential for incredible wealth via fishing and chicken farming, I’m glad I came down here, I believe God will use the wealth down here to jump start the work greatly in a years time or less.   I will update you with my personal plans later today when I  arrive at the hotel in Mulanje, Malawi.  Evan’s is taking very good care of us, he is a true man of God, and cares greatly for the people down here. I’ll contact you later today.  Terry

For his later contact, he sent the following emails as well as links to various photographs:

Hi Dr Thiel, finally have good internet service today: Before arriving in Malawi, visited the Kehancha and Njoro congregations in Kenya; in Kehancha we had a nice visit, there Hall there is very nice with all electrical lighting and outlets, they were very happy to see us; I met our local representative there; the ladies of the church fixed us a fine lunch; on this past Sabbath we visited the Njoro congregation, they also were very excited to see us, they are in the process of building a hall, after services they took us to the plot of land were the new Hall is to be built; I’ve been giving sermons on the importance of tithing and our difference between us and the Protestants and how we our separate from the world, I’ve been talking about the the two books as well.  Next update Malawi

Hi Dr Thiel, arrived in Malawi on Sunday the 23rd; Radson was there to greet us at the airport, his driver and him drove us to a hotel on the outskirts of Lilongwe, we stayed there for the night; next morning on the 24th, we headed out to the Mwanza congregation; they were very excited to see us; the service went well; I mainly spoke on the importantance of tithing and our difference from the Protestants; after the service we were presented with a beautiful painting of there Hall on canvas, with the words Continuing church of God Terry Nelson and also nice fruits and vegetables, I’ll try to send a pic of it, tomorrow, I don’t have it at the moment; today visited the Njenjete congregation; it was very difficult to get there due to road conditions, but we made it, walking part way and crossing a small stream on foot; the congregation was also very excited to see us,. There in the process of rebuilding there Hall, as a storm destroyed it;. We had to have a shorter visit as rain was pending and we didn’t want to get trapped on the road; the service went well; again I touched on the importantance of tithing and our difference from the Protestants also to have faith in the coming persecution of the church;. Tomorrow we will visit the Sunuzi congregation.  We are all doing well, all of you, please pray for the church here in Africa and for there financial and health well being; God bless all of you.  Terry Nelson

Radson Mulozowa, the Nelsons, and Evans Ochieng

 Njoro congregants, Kenya

 Kenhancha congregants, Kenya

Malawi near Manza

 Manza congregants, Malawi

Njenjete congregants, Malawi

Please have Terry Nelson, his sons, and all in Africa in your prayers.

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