Malawi and Mozambique report

May 24, 2018

Dear Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique.
Thanks for the funds you sent to us to assist in buying food for the needy. The donation has assisted a lot in the way that Brethren has been relieved from the situation they were in. May God bless you for the support and prayer to us.
1. on 12th May I visited Phaloni congregation and it was a wonderful visit and all the Brethren were happy for the visit.
2.on 19th May I visited Noseya Bauleni ( Namangale ccog ) to strengthen them and see what they are doing. the trip was very successful.
3.20th May I kept Pentecost with Brethren in Mozambique.
4. This coming Sabbath am visiting Sunuzi congregation.
The attachment pictures is for Mozambique trip and food we bought for the needy:

Radson Mulozowa

We are pleased to help our brethren in physical and spiritual need. There were flooding and worm infestation issues that affected the crops of our brethren in Mozambique and Malawi.

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