Ndhiwa Youth Camp

Evangelist Evans Ochieng sent the following report today:

Pastor Dr Bob,

Greetings from Kenya.

A wonderful youth camp has ended today. Since I started to attend youth camp in the church of God, this is the biggest camp that I ever attended. The youth camp in Ndhiwa was attended by the youths from 10 congregations. That is Ndhiwa, Mbani, Oriang, Kiseke, Migori, Kihacha, Nyakach, Eberege, Nyasembe and Bethseida.

The number of youths who attended the camp this year was 201. The attendance of this year in youth camp show clearly that the church in Kenya is having positive growth. Last year the number of youths who attended the camp was not all that big compared to this year. I see the gospel is reaching almost every part of Kenya and hope to reach all of Kenya.

The youth camp in Rift valley was also going well. I talked with Pastor Sawek in the morning and he told me that the camp having many youths who attended the camp. Attached are pictures of the youths who attended the camp in Ndhiwa.


Here is another photo:

We had 152 attend in Ndhiwa in 2016, 130 in 2015, and 71 in 2014. So, having 201 in 2017 reflects growth.

We are pleased to be able to have such growth and to reach the youth in this part of the world.

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