Evangelist Ochieng reports on more growth in Africa

Evans Ochieng Kisiengo

July 19, 2017

Evangelist Evans Ochieng sent me the following report:

Pastor Dr Bob,
Greetings from Kenya.
I am back from Kisii. I met our congregations in kisii. On sabbath I was in the area called Nyasembe where I met a new congregation led by Geoffrey. It was my first time to meet this congregation after a long communication with Geoffrey. I was very happy because I found very good people who like to learn the truth. It forced me to touch many topics from morning to evening. They wanted to know more about the kingdom of God, calendar, God’s ordained feasts, true repentance and family life. I touched a little bit about the end time prophesies.
This congregation also had a problem because they are many that they can’t in ones house. So they are just keeping sabbath and doing services under the tree. That is where they put a shade and during rainy season they are having a total problem. So I had a meeting with them after sabbath to see way forward how they can get a hall. We negotiated that since they have a large plantation of trees, they can provide timbers and I can donate iron sheets for the hall so that they can have a meeting hall. I hope that will help them so much. I am sending you their pictures. This congregation came out from SDA reform who are against flesh eating. I met 27 people that sabbath.
I am happy that this year, the great work has been done not only in Kenya but in Africa. Recently when I was in Nakuru County in Rift Valley I met four new congregations from seventh day church of God who joined CONTINUING CHURCH OF GOD. This congregations were happy and after my visit, I am now getting calls and massages which are supporting our teachings.
There is another congregation near Migori that were formerly associated with COGIW. After thorough meeting with Granton and discuss a lot things concerning the program in CCOG. They joined CCOG.

The work in Malawi and Mozambique has extended to Zambia. I am receiving very good reports from this three countries and Ghana is also doing well. I got good reports from Molozowa, our representative in Malawi and another pastor called Salima in Malawi how they visited the northern part of Malawi. Sosten is also back in the church after meeting them during my last trip in Malawi. We talked much about repentance and forgiveness.
The conference in Nairobi is still producing a lot of strength in this work not only in Kenya but Africa at large.
I am still havingĀ  visitation in Kenya and after that I will visit Uganda again and Zambia. The members of CCOG in Kenya is now approaching 2000.
Pray for the work in Africa.

The growth the Continuing Church of God has had in Africa is fantastic. Africa, and the work there, remains in my prayers, and is hopefully in all of yours as well.

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