Rift Valley (Kenya) Reports

July 10, 2017

Rift Valley, Kenya

We received two reports from Rift Valley in Kenya.

Tomas Koskey from Bomet, Kenya, sent me the following email:

hallo bob greeting you in jesus name! the work of the lord is doing
well here at bomet. thank you. tomas koskey.

Bomet is a county in the Rift Valley region of Kenya.

Pastor Tiongik Sawek sent the following:

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I hope that you are well.

Last Friday God enables us to go to Nakuru where brethren have waited us so long. We also visited  Njoro-Nesuit.

Nakuru area is the boarder of the Rift Valley and it is a cosmopolitan area where many tribes lived it is so far from Transmara where it boarders with Tanzania.

We noticed that our God has opened up the ears of many brethren and they are calling us.

The meeting at Nakuru was also attended by brethrens from other  areas like Sururu, Sirikwo, Nyakinywa, Rongai, Sekutiet and Nesuit.

All these area are far from each other and not all who came were mostly leaders. Brethren from these areas were appealing for the feast of tabernacles to be conducted at their areas.

We sat with pastor Ochieng, Pastor William Kirui and pastor Sawek and discuss about it and saw that, the feast is so near we can only conduct at the centre place which is Nesuit-Njoro and the others will be seen next time. God willing, we shall divide next year though transport id the problem.

Brethren from those five areas requested the bibles for Kalenjin, Kiswahili and English. If possible each local church to get atleast gets twenty five bibles for Kalenjin, twenty for Kiswahili, twenty four English and then several magazines for the churches and towns.

Though we got some bibles in the Rift Valley it seems that they also need more because it is also large. We thankful for those ones we got.

We are also requesting for other magazines for English to be taken to Kericho town where soon I will go there for a week preaching the gospel. We shall arranged with pastor Ochieng about that day for Kericho visits. Kericho is still Rif Valley.

The harvest is great and the labourers are few, we pray that our God add the labourers for His work.

Pastor Ochieng taught for two hours about eternal life and immortal life. His teaching made, the brethren so happy after knowing about the eternal kingdom of God. Pastor Sawek and Pastor William Kirui were also happy how Pastor Ochieng presented teachings. We also seconded about it and made the brethren happy.

What the continuing church of God has done in the Rift is also great, by spreading the gospel and helping the needy people, we are thankful about them.

I will send to you some pictures taken during the meeting.

God bless you

Pastor Sawek.

He also sent some photos. Here are two of them:

Brethren, please pray to God for more laborers for the harvest.

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