Baptisms in South Sudan, Youth Camps in Kenya and Malawi, Growth in Rwanda

The Continuing Church of God reported the following:

Baptismal Trip to South Sudan

Deacon Koang Deng sent the following photos and report about a baptismal trip he and two others took from Ethiopia to South Sudan:

Dear Elders:

Grace and peace of our God the father and Lord Jesus Christ leading his servants of his unshakable plans for the savings of people from the hand of Satan on this earth.

First, We arrived on 15, December, Friday night.

We have keep the Sabbath day on 16, December, and they well come me to preach to them the gospel for the kingdom of God.

Because we have no time to do the baptism on that day, so that, I told them, we will wait for the coming Sabbath to celebrate with them again.

After the second Sabbath, I did the baptism to those who promised themselves for it to be done on them, and some of them who are not baptized still to count the cost, and they told me that, if God’s will, I should visit them again for next coming year.

On 23, December, I baptized two people.

Their names:

1. Nyabang Gatkuoth Reath
2. Nyariek Poewel Mut

This area have more members but all of them were from Church of God 7th day, but after I preached the good news for the kingdom of God and others of our beliefs of continuing Church of God, after that, most of them realized that, Cog7day missed more from the truth of God plans.

When I see that their minds already changed, then I told to them that, if you stay in him, our God will do a plan for you to open each of your eyes to see all the truth which God promised to be given to all who will believe on him.

But what I see that, some leaders on that area still have no Willing to well come the truth, but most leaders, especially the church we prayed in, all of them agreed to search the truth if all I have taught to them were true or not.

We did spend five days with them to discuss everything together and more questions were raised up and we did answered them all  one by one.

After that, they agreed to be teaching to their members, women and children.

Secondly, what I have to see on that area was a problem of hunger.

Because people on that area suffering a lot of hunger, and these people of the two countries, the food they usually eating is from Ethiopia through river.

So, the problem was that, if the transportation is delayed, people will face problem for the shortage of food and the price will be increase at the time they are waiting of traders and right now, the price of 100kg of maize is increased up to 100,000 thousands pounds, equivalent to 100 US dollars, which is very difficult for the parents to feed their families.

Thirdly, the problem I have to see, more children praying {needing} clothes.

I pray deeply in my heart, our God should turn the hearts of the leaders of South Sudan to love their people and to welcome the peace of this country, because without peace, no freedom of traveling to any area where people looking for the lives of their families.

Fourthly, if God’s will, our office should do something like youth clothes which would be mailed on behalf of South Sudan members.

They are more in numbers and they are praying in three churches and their total numbers are 150.

1.Torkiel Church
2. Nyingore Church
3. Ulang Church

But not all leaders of these churches who well come us, but only one area we prayed in.

Best regards,

Deacon Koang Deng

About 50 of the 150 he mentioned are part of the CCOG.

Daughters of the Kingdom and Chicken Projects

Pastor Tiongik Sawek sent the following report:

Receive greetings in Jesus Christ. We are doing well here at Riftvalley Kenya. The word of God is going on well too. The Women from Chilani together with the entire church pass greetings. They really did a wonderful job throughout this year. They visited the widows more so by providing them with food. They also visited the orphans. They really thank the Daughter of the Kings for their support during the year 2023. They are now down financially because they provided support to various areas. The Chicken project also boosted their work in assisting the vulnerable in the society. They were planning to expand their project in farming but they did not succeed due to heavy rains. They are therefore in need of fencing around the chicken house to prevent wild animals. They keep thanking you for the support you have shown to them. They are requesting for any other support and prayer in order to continue doing the good work to the vulnerable. They pass greetings to the Daughter of the King. God bless you.

Pastor Sawek

We have provided some minimal assistance to the ‘Daughters of the Kingdom,’ which is basically composed on CCOG women in part of the Rift Valley of Kenya.

As far as chicken projects go, while they did not succeed as we had hoped for in Malawi and Mozambique, the one in the Rift Valley has continued and we also reportedly are having success with one in Tanzania.

Rift Valley Youth Camp

Elder David Cheruiyot sent the following from the Rift Valley in Kenya:


Christian greetings from Njoro Molo Nakuru Kenya.

Am glad to take this opportunity to thank my love and savior Jesus Christ who is soon coming to {reign over} this world.

On 22nd December 2023 the youth meeting was very fruitful since they attended in large numbers teachers divided them in three classes :

  1. Childrens
  2. Junior youths
  3. Senior youths

Teachers who represent each class were as follows:


God bless the youth comp they were 350 from Njoro and Molo. Again will not forget to congratulate brother Evans Ochieng for his assistance financially and spiritually, again we have started to build a Hall in Molo which I hope Evans will visit soon if possible. We will arrange with pastor SoweK for the next visit to Kitale for we have many goals from many places in Kenya,we pray God to open the way .

Photo for youth …

Yours in Christ


Malawi and Mozambique Hunger

As reported earlier (see Letter to the Brethren: December 28, 2023), there are serious hunger issues in Malawi and Mozambique.

This week, we sent some funds to Malawi to assist those there and in Mozambique for hunger there.

And while there are also issues elsewhere, Deacon Koang Deng told me he wants to look into the situation in South Sudan more before we provide assistance there in order to insure it will get where he feels it is most needed.


Moise Nshimiyimana sent the following from Rwanda:

Dear Pastor Dr Bob , Greetings from Rwanda. I am happy to inform you that we had a good meeting this last Sabbath with brothers and sisters who come from different regions . We have talked about tithing and offerings to help us preach the gospel of the kingdom of God and prepare the Feats of the Lord it will start on Passover soon …

The other thing I can say is that this coming Sabbath I will go to visit Congo CCOG and comfort them in the bad times they are in during the war.

It is good to see that we seem to be having growth in Rwanda. As far as the Congo goes, our brethren there have been in my prayers because of the military conflicts there.

Youth Camps, Mozambique, Malawi, and Kenya

Evangelist Evans Ochieng reported that 290 attended the youth camp in Migowi, Malawi last week with Sosten Libungwa. Here is a photograph of the group he sent:

Sosten Libugwa also reported that that camp went well.

Radson Mulozowa sent the following report related to Evans Ochieng’s trip as well as the other youth camp in Malawi:

Let me inform you that when pastor Evans visit Malawi he visited the following places
We met with brethren at sambandele house and the meeting was so good and after the meeting we went to hapuwani hotel inorder to sleep close to Mozambique
On Tuesday we went to Mozambique to meet the brethren and some chiefs who welcome us with joy.
On Wednesday we went to NJENJETE to meet the brethren
Thursday and Friday we had a wonderful meeting where by the youth we so happy and they have begged that next year we must do it for seven days. The youth who attended were 320 youth
The meeting ended well
On sabbath we went to chileka to keep sabbath and it was a wonderful day loaded with blessings
All the places we went there challenges of hunger, places of meeting
Since Mozambique has grown more than expected and some places are far and he can’t use bicycle
there is a need for Deacon Masenga to have motorcycle  .pray for that
Pastor Evans has left Malawi today and he called me that he has arrived well in Nairobi and is on the way to home
Thanks for the support to us that has make everything possible both Malawi and Mozambique
May bless God bless you
Best regards

Radson Mulozowa’s children were with the CCOG in our youth camp with their father. We are also looking to see how to better assist those with hunger in Malawi and Mozambique (cf. Galatians 2:10; James 2:14-16).

Not counting those who recently came back to the CCOG with Sosten Libungwa, we have almost 3200 in Malawi and Mozambique in the CCOG. Plus we have about 5500 in the rest of Africa.

Youth camps were also held in Kenya. Pastor Tiongik Sawek sent the following:

Receive greetings in Jesus name. We had a wonderful youth camp and it ended successfully. The visitors are still leaving for their homes. The youth groups that were in Chilani learned a lot. I have received a report from North Rift headed by Elder Cheruiyot that they did their meeting well. The brethren from Mau and Bomet did their youth camp well also. These meetings have led to growth of youths in our churches and those that are already in the church are learning a lot. We are grateful to Evangelist Ochieng for arranging the meetings together although he was in Malawi. We also thank the Continuing Church of God for the cooperation and also for allowing the youths camps to be successful. It will be good enough if the new Church is built at Chilani and this will allow them to do the meeting. We will therefore use the old church as rooms that they will stay in the meeting. I will attach the photos of the same. God bless you.

Pastor Sawek.

We also had a youth camp in Got Kachola, Kenya. Evngelist Evans Ochieng sent the following:

Pastor Dr Bob,
Greetings from Kenya.

I attended the youth camp in Kenya at Got Kachola. I was very happy how youth camp was organized in the camp. Youths choose to be in uniform  that  promotes and identity continuing church of God. This is very important and we pray next year if all youths worldwide can have the uniforms in every youth camp

The youths were very happy and they flowered the camp highly. The youths attached many subjects including what’s ahead of our children.

So the youth camp was very well done and they were totally disciplined. It shows up the Best and improved Continuing Church of God. I saw some good work in YOUTH CAMP in Malawi and Mozambique. Same to Kenya. When it happens like this, will make church of God to continue even to the next generation. If children are not well taught, then the church will not have good future and growth. But if we continue teaching our youths the ways of God and His commandments then we shall have bright future of the church.

I’m very happy and continue to pray for our youths to learn more about the kingdom of GOD and the resurrection of the first fruits. May the Almighty God bless overseer and president of the church Dr Bob and brethren who are always supporting the YOUTH CAMP.

We are seeing good and perfect growth with in the church.


In the end time, we are to work to, “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:6). Youth camps are just one way to help do that.

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