Ghana: Enti wobԑdi Onyankopↄn Nna Kronkron anaa Ahonhommↄnee Ahomegyeԑ Nna?

We now have a version of our English language booklet, Should You Keep God’s Holy Days or Demonic Holidays?, in Asante Twi, a language used in Ghana.

Pastor Samuel Ofosu Gyeabour sent the following photo of the front cover of the book they printed in Ghana:

He also sent electronic files of the text which we uploaded. Here is a link: Enti  wobԑdi Onyankopↄn  Nna Kronkron  anaa Ahonhommↄnee  Ahomegyeԑ Nna?

Prior to connecting with the Continuing Church of God people in his area did not have a history of keeping the Holy Days, other than Passover, so it is great that they now have something in their native language to assist them in understanding and better keeping them.

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