Visit and Baptism in Ethiopia

Deacon Koang Deng sent the following from Ethiopia:

We are happy for the arriving of Pastor Evans in Gambella last Friday.We have a nice Sabbath in a Church. Pastor Evans baptized 7 members today in Gambella and 22 children were dedicated. Evans shall leave Gambella tomorrow for Addis Ababa then to Kenya. So, the problem we see now, all roads are still blocked, so we used a flight by aeroplane which totally cost a much paid.Thank for your fund. May Almighty God bless you all.

Koang Deng

Evangelist Evans Ochieng sent in the following report:

Pastor Dr Bob,
Greetings from Ethiopia Gambela.
My trip from Kenya to Ethiopia was on 15th FEB 2018. I arrived safe in Ethiopa. The only problem was about tribalism war. The road from Addis Ababa to Gambela was closed by a certain tribe that the buses could not pass. So it forced us to go to Gambela by airplane.

We arrived Gambela safe. The Day I arrived in Gambela I found if so many were there waiting me so many questions concerning our faith and what we are teaching. Most of them were from Seventh Day church of God. The discussion went until very late. The next Day I met those who should be baptized.

On Sabbath I was asked by those who claim to be in a big hall to go and do services with them because they got influenced by our teachings. I rejected their request because I wanted to meet Koang’s congregation which they were claiming to be small because it has only 68 members.

So I met 68 members who are in Continuing Church of God. The meeting was very  good and I was very happy these congregation in Ethiopia. I met very old men people who really serious about the truth.  The people were asking so many questions and I was busy very busy answering questions from sabbath till today Monday.


We wake very early in morning today to prepare for Baptism. We went to the river at 11 am. The ceremony was standard because the whole congregation  went to the river to rejoice together with the 7 people who were going for baptism. people were singing and the children went to see how the the baptism was going on. I baptized 7 people …

These members most of them are old in age and one of them was blind.  He could not see well but he was very happy he was baptized.
After Baptism, I went to to do the blessing of little children.

22 children were dedicated.  …

After that big work, 4 people came from Seventh day church of God who long before were reading our articles and had so many questions to be answered. We discussed more about some are claiming that the word of God should come from Jerusalem only and why God has some people teaching from the USA and other countries. The discussion was very hot, but fruitful because it bears many fruits. And I hope so many accepted that what we are teaching is the truth. They rebuked so many teachings from them {the Jerusalem group}, because what those are teaching them are not biblical. Koang was very happy because most of the questions were answered properly.

My days in Ethiopia ended today and I will fly back to Kenya tomorrow …


Evangelist Ochieng reported that he made it back safely to Kenya, but that there were roadblock and other issues in Ethiopia–Deacon Deng also reported issues. We need to go through the doors that God has opened (Revelation 3:7-12), though we often face difficulties (John 16:33).

Once he returned, Evangelist Ochieng sent in the following:

Pastor Dr Bob.

Greetings from Kenya.
This is our congregation in Ethiopia.
That is the place where they are meeting.
This congregation is a serious congregation and they love the word of God.  And the goodness of this congregation is that the children are so many and that will make the future growth of church in Ethiopia.  Let us continue praying for the work in Africa because God is really working in Africa.

Pray for God’s people in Africa.

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