Ethiopian Congregation

The Continuing Church of God has a congregation in Gambella, Ethiopia.

Koang Deng Gatluak, Deacon

For more information email Koang Gatluak at

Here is a photograph of those there in 2017:

Gambella, Ethiopia 

Three people from South Sudan are in the above photograph.

Here is a 2018 photograph of the brethren in Ethiopia:

Gambella, Ethiopia 

Here is a 2018 photograph of the new meeting hall in Ethiopia:

Gambella, Ethiopia 

CCOG deacon Koang Deng sent the following from Ethiopia in February 2022:

Dear Pastors:

This day after the Sabbath service, These people have got baptism, and the Church added their names today in a book of Remembered by the hand of Continuing Church of God here in Gambella, Ethiopia.
Names are as follow:
1. Nyakhor Khan Tap
2. Nyanyany Gatwech Kuany.
3 . Nyanpal Dang Tut.
4. Nyadak Deng Long.
5. Duol koang Deng.
Deacon Koang Deng.

Deacon Deng also sent the following:

Dear Pastor Evans:

14 Children have got blessed today after baptism service.
Koang Deng.