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Paloni, Malawi

Here is a photograph of the Continuing Church of God congregation in Paloni, Malawi: Paloni, Malawi Here is a photograph of some mattresses that they were provided there: Here is short video from Paloni, Malawi: 3:34 Visit to Malawi For

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Trip to Malawi and updates on Mozambique and Zambia

CCOG Evangelist Evans Ochieng was able to visit Malawi this month. Radson Mulozowa sent the following from Malawi April 20, 2018: Greetings Pastor Bob. Thanks for the magazines which will help the work and the visit of pastor Evans. The

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Bible News Prophecy Magazine in Chichewa Apr-Jun 2018

M’magazini Ino: 3 Kuchokera Mkonzi: KODI MPINGO WOONA WA MULUNGU NDI WOYENERA KUKHALA NDI LIKULU LAKE KU YERUSALEMU? Anthu ena akumatero. Kodi nanga baibulo likutiphunzitsa kuti chiyani? 13 TIYENI TIWERENGE PHUNZIRO 13 LA BAIBULO: Kodi cholowa cha Akhristu chiani? Kodi

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Gribe, Kenya Congregation

We are pleased to announce that we have a congregation in Giribe, Kenya. Giribe, Kenya Congregation Host Jacob Otieno For further information, contact Evangelist Evans Ochieng.  

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Visit and Baptism in Ethiopia

Deacon Koang Deng sent the following from Ethiopia: We are happy for the arriving of Pastor Evans in Gambella last Friday.We have a nice Sabbath in a Church. Pastor Evans baptized 7 members today in Gambella and 22 children were

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Malawi and Mozambique baptisms and interest from Zambia

Evangelist Evans Ochieng sent in the following report related to his January 2018 trip to Malawi and Mozambique: Pastor Dr Bob, Greetings from Malawi. I am very happy  to inform you that I had a nice trip to Malawi. I

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Muhuru Bay Congregation

We have a congregation in Muhuru Bay, Kenya. For more information, email Evangelist Evans Ochieng Kisiengo

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Rift Valley Youth Camp

Today, Pastor Sawek sent the following report about the youth camp in Rift Valley, Kenya: Receive greetings in Jesus Christ name. We are thankful to God for enabling us complete the youth meeting which began on 13. We wound up

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Ndhiwa Youth Camp

Evangelist Evans Ochieng sent the following report today: Pastor Dr Bob, Greetings from Kenya. A wonderful youth camp has ended today. Since I started to attend youth camp in the church of God, this is the biggest camp that I

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More 2017 Feast of Tabernacles’ Reports

Including the Last Great Day, the Feast of Tabernacles ran from sunset October 4th through sunset October 12th in 2017. We already reported about some of the sites in Africa (see Preliminary Feast of Tabernacles’ Reports). More reports are in

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