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Ndhiwa Youth Camp

Evangelist Evans Ochieng sent the following report today: Pastor Dr Bob, Greetings from Kenya. A wonderful youth camp has ended today. Since I started to attend youth camp in the church of God, this is the biggest camp that I

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More 2017 Feast of Tabernacles’ Reports

Including the Last Great Day, the Feast of Tabernacles ran from sunset October 4th through sunset October 12th in 2017. We already reported about some of the sites in Africa (see Preliminary Feast of Tabernacles’ Reports). More reports are in

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Eberege congregation Kisii

There is a congregation that meets in Ebereg, Kisii in Kenya. Eberege congregation Kisii under Ezekiel Oanda Ombaso. He is the one standing in the middle Eberege congregation outside the hall. For more information, email Evans Ochieng Kisiengo or

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Africa: Its biblical past, present, and future

COGwriter The Continuing Church of God is pleased to announce this sermon from its ContinuingCOG channel: 1:19:44 Africa: Its biblical past, present, and future Is Africa mentioned in the Bible? Who did the Africans descend from? Were there any Africans

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Rift Valley (Kenya) Reports

July 10, 2017 Rift Valley, Kenya We received two reports from Rift Valley in Kenya. Tomas Koskey from Bomet, Kenya, sent me the following email: hallo bob greeting you in jesus name! the work of the lord is doing well

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Mozambique and Malawi Photographs

CCOG Evangelist Evans Ochieng just went to Mozambique and Malawi to meet with our brethren there. Here are photographs we now have related to Mozambique and Malawi. The first is of Wedson Matiya, Pastor, Chindola and Duya in Mozambique. email

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African Growth and Travel Plans

Evangelist Ochieng Just got the following email from CCOG Evangelist Evan Ochieng: Pastor Dr Bob. Greetings from Kenya. Since we came back from the conference, I have been getting so many good reports and requests from all parts of Africa.

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African Language Bible News Prophecy magazines

We have more Bible News Prophecy magazines translated into African languages. Here is a pdf link to the Luo edition of BNP magazine of the Continuing Church of God: Kor  Mawuok  E Muma. Due mar achiel  – adek 2017. Eyo

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Africa Conference 2017

By Bob Thiel Nairobi, Kenya was the location for a Continuing Church of God (CCOG) conference in Africa. This is the second such conference we have had in Africa (the first one was in 2014). Prior to the conference, Serbia-based

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